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Learn About Enterprise Agile Xperts

Enterprise Agile Xperts is committed to providing high quality Scaled Agile training and transformation services. Our staff is diverse and focused on tailoring our services for your business by knowing you at a personal and professional level. Enterprise Agile Xperts has a team of SAFe certified coaches to help you transform your organization’s agility by utilizing the Scaled Agile Framework and Scaled Agile tools. Our primary goal is to help organizations improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of their delivery teams, programs, and portfolios through the optimized application of lean and agile principles and practices. 

Enterprise Agile Xperts services include Scaled Agile Transformations & Training, Organizational Agility Consulting, and services to form teams, launch trains, and execute on delivery with the ultimate output of improved quality, predictable deliveries, and most importantly a focus on improved business vale.

Certified Instructors

Enterprise Agile Xperts instructors have met all required certification criteria, including passing rigorous tests, actual experience leading the activities to be taught, and evaluations of their ability to explain difficult concepts in front of a classroom.

Share the Vision

Align your company efforts from top to bottom. Promote common understanding of business value throughout your organization.

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